About NACW

NACW Mission

Create an enriching environment for career women to share, grow and build professional and personal relationships to enable them to reach their full potential.

Who are the Women of NACW?


They're women like you. The membership of NACW is made up of women in a variety of professions - from independent business owners, professionals and managers - to those in sales, service and technical careers.

Some are parents. Others are not. Some are in the early stages of their careers. Others have long-standing track records. Most balance the responsibility of home life, work, and participate in multiple community or professional organizations.

Nearly all of the women are interested in networking and professional development opportunities. And the opportunity to establish friendships with other working women.

They are busy individuals, balancing the demands between their personal and professional lives, who invest in themselves through their membership in NACW.

Who are the women of NACW? They're women like you. Their expertise and friendship are waiting to be shared. Come and get to know them!