Lansing Chapter November Luncheon Wrap-up

For our NACW Lansing Chapter November Luncheon, our featured guest speaker was Colline DeVries-Burd, Associate Attorney of White Schneider PC specializing in family and labor law. The topic of discussion was Sexual Harassment Laws within the workplace. Colline did a great job sharing who, what, when, how of sexual harassment laws in the workplace with a detailed history and case law that really brought us to the present day laws in this area. She also shared the current laws relating to sexual harassment and how it impacts us in the workplace. Colline also provided some great advice to business owners and managers relating to these laws to protect us and our employees. At the end, she left us with a better understanding of sexual harassment laws and how important this knowledge is for us as career professionals. We are hoping to have her return in the future to cover other important topics such as employment contracts.
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