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Tell YOUR story

December 12, 2021

Title: Tell YOUR story
Speaker: Allison Spooner, Author

Location: The Hidden Gem Event Venue, 4230 Charlar Drive, Holt, MI 48842

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Info: Take a break from everything to enjoy personal and professional growth with our group. Join us in-person at the Hidden Gem Event Venue or via Zoom. Lunch will be provided with purchase of a ticket. Please send an email to if you need a vegetarian or Gluten Free lunch. Tickets purchased after 12pm on Monday December 6th will be a higher cost due to the venue needing to plan ahead.


Speaker bio: Allison Spooner is an author and yoga instructor from Lansing. Allison specializes in flash fiction, stories told in less than 1,000 words and loves the challenge of bringing worlds and characters to life in as few words as possible. She credits flash fiction with getting her writing again after a few years in a “slump” and now has two published collections of stories on Amazon and a novel in the works.


When she’s not writing, she’s sharing her love for yoga and using it to unlock creativity through her brand Creative Warrior. She also spends her time highlighting the creative community in Lansing by putting on monthly shows with The Artist’s Umbrella. Creativity is at the center of her life and she loves helping others channel their own creative energies.


Flash fiction also helped her start writing about topics and subjects she’d always known she needed to write about but were stuck inside. When she realized she could use fiction to tell her own story and face challenges and trauma from her past, she knew she wanted to share that discovery with others. In addition to writing and yoga, Allison is passionate about helping others use fiction to unlock their own stories and face their pasts and that’s what she’ll be sharing with the group; how to use short fiction to tell your own story and face hard moments in your past.

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