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3 Healthy Risks That Will Take Some Courage To Implement, But Will Truly Help You Not Only To See Your Wings... But Trust Them To Fly

Gather online to share our monthly lunch in friendship, professional connecting, and personal growth. Forget the pandemic and join a Zoom room full of lunchtime bucket fillers!

We are grateful to Jamie Lightner, as our featured speaker. Let's have a little fun daring to fly! Taking healthy risks is important in building confidence and self worth and a necessity for growth. Jamie will talk about 3 healthy risks that take some courage to implement but will truly help you not only see your wings... but trust them to fly. 


A little more about Jamie-

As a speaker and certified life coach, Jamie’s objective is to help people accept and believe in themselves, while realizing it is perfect, not to be perfect. Jamie loves to help her clients define themselves from an internal perspective rather than being dependent on external opinions, validations and situations for their definition of who they are. Each speaking engagement, individual life coaching and parent coaching session is delivered with authenticity, kindness, and laced with humor. Because when we can laugh at life, our true freedom emerges.

Event Information

Title: 3 healthy risks that take some courage to implement, but will truly help you not only see your wings…but trust them to fly!
Speaker: Jamie Lightner, speaker and life coach
Date: February 10, 2021
Time: 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Registration link:

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