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NACW is a nonprofit organization of professional women dedicated to creating a welcoming, supportive, engaging, and empowering environment for women to develop both personally and professionally.



Create an enriching environment for career women to share, grow and build professional and personal relationships to enable them to reach their full potential.


  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences

  • Work collectively toward the promotion and career development of women

  • Recognize women and their achievements

  • Educate members and the public about opportunities available to women

  • Hold monthly luncheon meetings that feature informative, motivating speakers


In 1979, a group of women in Lansing, Michigan, would gather for lunch once a month to discuss opportunities open to them and their female peers. The time was very different than it is today, these women were warrior leaders in the Lansing area. These founding members in Lansing are: Helen Ferguson, Gloria A. Fleming, Sandra J. Frauenheim, Nancy Howard, Theresa L. Johnson, Jane Mills, Mary M. McElroy, Theresa A. Miller, Harriett Pincumbe, and Priscilla J. Peterson.


The group fully incorporated under the name National Association of Career Women (NACW) in 1980. Soon after, Port Huron joined in 1985. Chapters were starting throughout the state and even Ohio. It was in 2008, during the nationwide economic downturn that several chapters were forced to close due to low membership. As the upturn of economic growth continues today, the organization is focused on growing and providing an outlet for women to develop personally and professionally.

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