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Allie Pratt presenting The Truth Untold

The truth untold will reveal the truth behind challenges we face on a daily basis that keep us from reaching vibrant health, energy and peace of mind. These distractions keep is from believing we are enough, the way that we are, in this very moment. You will learn how to achieve what you want out of life, along with gaining confidence in your body and soul, to unleash your purpose. 



Allie Pratt is owner, operator, and certified spray slayer of Tropic Like It's Hot Airbrush Tanning in Okemos. She grew up in South Bend, Indiana and graduated with a BSBA degree in Management at Central Michigan University. She's spent the last 8 years in Project Management for industry technology leaders in the Lansing area. Allie continues to work in IT, while building her awareness around positive body image and self-acceptance in the beauty industry. Allie is married to Erick, procurement specialist at BIGGBY coffee. They have two kids (a one-year-old boy and a three-year-old girl) and has a black lab named Chloe. Her key to success is to declutter the mind to find your true purpose and live that out each and every day. 

Her favorite phrase is: 

"Realize you're not a body; you merely live in a body. You're not your name; it's something you have. You never say "am hand" you say "my hand" or "my name", these are things that you have," - Bob Proctor

Takeaway from this phrase:

What defines you lies beneath the physical.

Event Information

University Club of Michigan State University

3435 Forest Rd | Lansing, MI 48910

Wed Jun 10 2020, 11:45 am - 1 pm



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