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Competition vs Collaboration: How UNLABEL'd started, how it grew, and where it will go in the future

What started out as three girlfriends wanting to meet over coffee to discuss business and life wins, eventually turned into a women's group consisting of over 250 members.


UNLABEL'd is a group specifically for women of all life stages to come together once a month to have a good time. The name "UNLABEL'd" became when so many people asked, "Who is this group for?". There is no "label" as to who you need to be in order to come. Moms, business owners, widows, corporate working, brand new to the area, unemplyed, no kids, introverts, powerhouses, and everything in between. We found so many groups that only pertained to just ONE type of woman. We wanted to make this an open space for all women.


UNLABEL'd meets once a month at various locations. Most events are free to attend and those that have never been are HIGHLY encouraged to come. It's a judgement free zone where you can feel comfortable, empowered, and uplifted within the first few steps of walking into each month.

Event Information

Title: Competition vs Collaboration

Topic: How UNLABEL'd started, how it grew, and where it will go in the future

Speakers: Demiree Fultz, Ashlind May, and Cecelia Shuler of UNLABEL'd

Date: Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Time: noon to 1:30 p.m.

Location: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, 800 Harker St., Port Huron, MI 48060

Cost: $20 if RSVP by Friday, January 6; $25 after deadline

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